Thanks for visiting my blog!pic_profile copy.jpg

It’s a place where I collect all my writings on art, heritage, religion, and more.

At this moment, I am working as a lecturer at Tilburg University College, teaching the second-year BA course on Visual Arts in the Public Sphere.

Additionally, I am working for the Gemeentemuseum The Hague as researcher & content creator on the art and life of Piet Mondrian and his colleagues of the De Stijl art movement for the 2017 jubilee year Mondriaan to Dutch Design.

I have recently finished my PhD dissertation at Tilburg University (School of Humanities) on a project about the relationship between religion and art in contemporary culture, with a specific focus on musical performance. The project was located within the Department of Culture Studies. To read more about my research project, check my university profile. I publicly defended the dissertation on September 12, 2016.

You can find my writings at amongst others in:

For a full CV, look at my LinkedIn  and for updates: follow me on Twitter!

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